Organisational Structure

Clinical Organisational Structure

St Vincent’s Hospital is recognised as a leading provider of quality and complex patient care services. This is delivered by dedicated staff operating as an integrated and aligned organisation. The structure the Hospital has in place is organised along four clinical streams and a Cancer Stream working across all clinical services to better integrate the delivery of patient care and to reduce management costs. These clinical streams are:

• Surgical
• Medical
• Heart Lung
• Integrated Care

The Integrated Care Clinical Stream has been constructed as a vertical and horizontal stream that is responsible for ensuring best practice across the patient continuum from primary through to hospital, ambulatory and back to primary. The Hospital’s Cancer Program is incorporated within the Medicine Clinical Stream with the Director of Cancer Services role designed to ensure that the Campus direction, research and clinical models are in place working across the Clinical Streams for patients with Cancer.

Each Clinical Stream is led by a Clinical Director in partnership with a Clinical Manager. This partnership reflects the desired focus on harnessing complimentary skills and competency to lead excellence in strategic, clinical, management and business direction for the Clinical Stream and the wider organisation.

A/Prof Anthony Grabs – Director of the Surgery Stream
Ms Mary-Therese Butler – Manager of the Surgery Stream

Prof Michael Feneley AM – Director of the Heart/Lung Stream
Ms Nicole De Tullio – Manager of the Heart/Lung Stream

Adjunct Professor Abdullah Omari – Director of the Medicine Stream
Ms Erin Hudswell - Manager of the Medicine Stream

Mr Dominic Le Lievre - Director of Integrated Care
Ms Andrea Ness - Manager of Integrated Care Stream

A/Prof Richard Gallagher – Director of Cancer Services
Ms Danielle Peterman - Manager of Cancer Services

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