St Vincent's Mental Health

Exciting opportunities exist, for skilled and energetic RN’s within our St Vincent’s Mental Health team.

“Not all nurses wear uniforms” at St Vincent’s, that’s because our Mental Health team are committed to implementing innovative approaches that break-down traditional barriers between our nurses and clients.

St Vincent’s provides specialist mental health assessment, intervention and treatment to consumers with a range of mental health issues who face an array of social challenges. Increasingly at St Vincent’s, these services are being delivered in less traditional scenarios, including in the community, on the streets and soon in former pubs and cafes where clients, especially our more vulnerable communities might feel more comfortable in accessing the care they need in a welcoming setting.

If you are a registered nurse with prior experience working in a mental health role, or have a keen interest to pursue a career in mental health nursing, we want to hear from you!

CLICK HERE to apply.