How to make an Ethos report

Make a report using

  • You can report positive or negative behaviour
  • If you witness negative behaviour and feel ill-equipped or unable to speak up - Report it
  • The Ethos reporting tool is safe and confidential
  • You need to know the name of the person you are reporting.
  1. You can use either your work or personal email
  2. You will not be told the outcome of your report, please see the Ethos Program Overview for more information
  3. If are feeling distressed please consider contacting the following support services.


EAP: 1800 818 728 or 8247 9191

Human Resources: 8382 4050

Pastoral Care: 8382 2572

Work Health and Safety: 8382 4080 or 0409 481 894

Mission: 8382 2370

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SVHNS Ethos reporting tool screenshots (PDF 100KB)

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Account set up

Ethos positive report

Ethos negative report