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Surgical alternative for at-risk stroke patients

30 Nov 2017

Dr Brendan Gunalingam from St Vincent's demonstrates how a surgical alternative to blood-thinning medication can help patients at risk of stroke.

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The machine keeping heart attack patients alive

28 Nov 2017

He was only 38 years old, but for a man who suffered a cardiac arrest and died on a city footpath, luck was on his side.

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Latrell Mitchell speaks about Aboriginal heart health

20 Oct 2017

Sydney Roosters star Latrell Mitchell shares why he became an ambassador for Aboriginal heart health.

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Saving lives at St Vincent's

30 Nov 2016

Roger James was clinically dead for 31 minutes. Thanks to new life-saving technology, currently on trial at St Vincent's and RPA, he's now fighting fit and counting his blessings.

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What is cardiac rehabilitation?

21 Oct 2016

Cardiac rehabilitation, also known as cardiac rehab, is an exercise and education program that supports you while you’re recovering from a heart procedure or problem. This service has been proven to keep patients alive and out of hospital - and it’s a very important step on your road to recovery.

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Protect yourself from heart disease

9 Aug 2016

Cardiovascular disease is the single leading cause of death in Australia, claiming a staggering 54 Australians each day or one Australian every 27 minutes. There are measures you can take to help prevent heart disease from affecting you, but unfortunately there are also some risk factors you can’t change.

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Everything you need to know about heart health

27 Jun 2016

Always at the forefront of cardiac knowledge and innovation, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney has launched a new website portal for patients, families and carers touched by the single biggest killer of Australian men and women - heart disease.

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