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Qi therapy for palliative care patients

16 Nov 2016

Since late February, Huguette Burns and Nathalie Cathan from the Qi Centre in Crows Nest have been volunteering their time and skills to deliver Qi Therapy to palliative care inpatients at Sacred Heart Health Service.

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Discovering the benefits of medicinal cannabis

9 Nov 2016

At St Vincent's, Director of Palliative Care, A/Prof Richard Chye is starting a clinical trial with terminally ill cancer patients to discover how medicinal cannabis can help with pain and appetite.

National Palliative Care Week

19 May 2016

“Everyone will die once, so we have to get it right the first time” - Dr Richard Chye. In honour of National Palliative Care Week (22-28 May 2016), A/Prof Richard Chye, Director of Sacred Heart Health Service, talks about end-of-life care and dying at home.

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