St Vincent's introduces Workplace Giving

St Vincent's Health Network Sydney have established a dedicated Workplace Giving Program which will support our longstanding outreach to the people of the Solomon Islands.

Over the past two decades St Vincent's has been providing critical healthcare support to the people of the Solomon's, including continual provision of a St Vincent's resident medical officer to run the Gizo emergency department and each year bringing 10 critically-ill Solomon patients to St Vincent's to receive life-saving treatment.

Our support has had a profound impact on the health landscape in the Solomon's where access to healthcare is poor. While St Vincent's has been able to save and enhance the lives of thousands of patients over the years, we know there is so much more we can do to help.

In light of this, we have expanded our relationship with this beautiful country via our new workplace giving program, where all of our staff can now directly get behind the work of the Hospital.

All funds raised will go directly towards the provision of healthcare, the acquisition of essential diagnostic equipment and the delivery of medical education to local care providers.

This is our opportunity to get directly involved now by donating as little as $1 a week from our weekly pay, we’re in a great position to make a huge difference!

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