1300 DRIVER Hotline

1300 DRIVER is focussed on improving the health, strength and stamina of Truck Drivers. The services is anonymous, confidential and staffed by experienced health professionals. Your phone number does not appear when you call, and call aren’t recorded. We operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

We provide education, information, one-off and/or ongoing support and referrals for long haul truck drivers and their families with issues related to health, wellbeing, stress, anxiety, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and lifestyle.

1300 DRIVER offers support via telephone, SMS, Twitter, and the 1300 DRIVER website.

How we can help

If you are a long haul truck driver, and have questions or experience issues related to health, wellbeing, stress alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, or need support with any of the following:

• Changing smoking habits to meet work demands
• Concerned about your physical health
• Thinking about positive lifestyle changes
• Struggling with managing sleep, long hours, alertness
• Having problems relaxing and getting sleep when you get home
• Have anxiety and stress issues as a result of the job demands
• Thinking about stimulants and other substances as a way to manage job demands, sleeplessness and worries.

If you have a truckie in the family and you are worried about them, call for information and referral.

Call or SMS 1300 DRIVER (1300 374 837)

Calls from landlines are the cost of a standard call.
Calls from mobiles are charged at the standard rate.