Psychogeriatric Mental Health and Dementia Service

The St Vincent’s Psychogeriatric Service is an integrated, multidisciplinary service operating in partnership with patients, families, carers, general practitioners (GPs), mental health services, geriatric medical services, residential aged care facilities, and other government and non-government organisations providing care to people over age 65 in inner-city Sydney.

The service is designed to be accessible, flexible and responsive to the needs of the local population and provide mental health promotion, prevention, early intervention, evidence-based treatment, rehabilitation and relapse-prevention services.

Our services

The psychogeriatric team provides a variety of options to ensure accessibility of care and treatment, which includes:

  • Home visits (within St Vincent’s Catchment area)
    Initial or follow-up psychogeriatric assessments
  • Psychogeriatric Outpatient Clinic
    The multidisciplinary clinic operates on a Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning
    Thursday’s clinic operates in conjunction with the Geriatric Medicine outpatient clinic
  • Psychogeriatric SOS; Rural outreach partnerships: The SOS project involves members of the St Vincent’s Psychogeriatric Service providing via web-conferencing on-demand, tailored support, information, advice, supervision, education and training to rural and remote clinicians to assist them in assessing and managing their patients' psychogeriatric needs locally and as the lead clinicians. For further information please see:
  • Residential Aged Care Facility Clinics
    Hosts fortnightly multidisciplinary out-patient clinics in the local residential aged care facilities, ad hoc clinical reviews; and regular education sessions with RACF staff
  • Group Therapy
    Community based group therapy programs:
    ‘Club Bright’ which has a relapse prevention and skills building approach for patients with depression and anxiety
    ‘Club Connect’ focuses on cognitive remediation strategies for patients with mild cognitive impairment 
  • In-patient
    The Service has access to a limited number of beds in the Geriatric ward (9 North) to ensure a holistic, integrated and effective mode of service delivery.
  • Consultation Liaison
    The Psychogeriatric team provides a consultation liaison service primarily in the Geriatric ward, but also in the Emergency Department, Adult Mental Health Unit, Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre (PECC), Palliative Care, Rehabilitation ward and other wards as appropriate.  


Psychogeriatric Team: How to make a referral/contact us:
Tel: 02 8382 1540
Fax: 02 8382 1402

Dementia Team: How to make a referral/contact us:
Tel: 02 8382 1450
Fax: 02 8382 1997
Enquiry Email:
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