Who to speak with at St Vincent's or St Joseph's

10 March 2018

If you are thinking about Advance Care Planning it can be helpful to talk with your healthcare team - this could include your GP or Specialist, or the nurse or social worker who is involved in your care. They can give you information, answer questions you may have you about your current health, and talk with you about problems that may arise for you in the future.  They may also be able to address worries and concerns that you have about your future health.

One approach some people find helpful is to make a list of questions to ask their doctor. Some examples of common questions can be found here.

If you already have an Enduring Guardian appointed or an Advance Care Plan or Directive document, we suggest you:

  • Bring your documents, or copies of them, into hospital with you and give them to the healthcare team caring for you so that they can file them in your medical record.
  • When you have developed your Advance Care Plan it is important that all of the people who are likely to be involved in healthcare decisions for you have copies it.  You should consider who these people would be and provide copies to them.  This will likely include the person you are trusting to speak on your behalf about healthcare decisions, your family and carer/s, your GP, your community healthcare team, any medical specialists who provide care for you and your healthcare team at any hospital you attend. 
  •  You should take your Advance Care Plan with you when you go to hospital and give it to a member of your healthcare team.
  • Your advance care plan should be reviewed every year and at times when there is a change in your personal or medical situation. 
  • If this form needs to be altered or changed we recommend you clearly cancel it by crossing out each page with a clear line across it and completing and dating a new advance care plan document.


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