Non-Invasive Ventilation Workshop


Seminar Room de Lacy Level 5

Date details:


30th June 2021

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Course overview:

This study day aim is to increase theoretical knowledge in relation to Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV). It is designed to meet the needs of those nurses who need to acquire knowledge and skills to enable them to safely and effectively care for patients with respiratory disorders who need NIV.


Respiratory CNC

Key topics:

On completion of this study day,  it is anticipated that participants will be able to:
•    Review and apply the physiology of respiration to NIV
•    Develop advanced knowledge and an in-depth understanding of signs, symptoms and treatments with NIV of common respiratory disorders
•    Identify the non – invasive ventilation devices and rationale for their use in conditions of respiratory failure
•    Identify and evaluate the nurses role in NIV for patient care
•    Discuss the assessment process for those patients presenting with respiratory conditions and identify recommended nursing care strategies using analysis of case scenario
•    Develop knowledge and skills for setting up NIV through practical simulation exercises
•    Develop knowledge for assessing early signs indicative of a clinically deteriorating patient and enact escalation procedures

Who should attend:

Registered nurses providing nursing care for patients with respiratory conditions who need NIV.

Course enquiries:

Simon Byerley – Nurse Educator

Nurse Education & Development Centre

8382 2599


$175 ex GST


Participants are required to organise their own travel and parking arrangements.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation provided up to 5 working days before the program a full refund will be issued.
Cancellation past the 5 working days and before 24 hours prior to the program half refund will be issued.
Cancellation with 24hrs prior to the program no refund is issued.

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