Important REGIS dates

REGIS (Research Ethics and Governance Information System) is a new online portal that is being introduced by the Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR) to manage ethics and site governance of health and medical research projects in NSW and ACT public health organisations (PHOs). REGIS will replace the Online Forms website and AURED and you will use it to create and store your all ethics and site-governance applications. REGIS will also be used for progress reports, safety notifications and amendments

Important REGIS Update – 29 August 2018

  • St Vincent’s Hospital remains in the REGIS soft launch phase.
  • Currently, all HREC Applications which are submitted as Low/Negligible Risk to the St Vincent’s Hospital HREC to be conducted only at the St Vincent’s Hospital site and the St Joseph’s Hospital site MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA REGIS. There will be no exceptions.
  • Online forms will continue to be available for all other studies.
  • As per usual process, if you have a study that you think qualifies for review as LNR please submit the protocol to the generic Research Office email address and we will confirm the type of review required.
  • We are looking for selected single site projects for full HREC review to be submitted through REGIS so please let us know if you have a possible REGIS candidate study for review by the full HREC.
  • If you are submitting an SSA/LNRSSA for a study via REGIS, please contact directly the various Heads of Department or institutional service providers (which are providing a supporting role in or services for your study eg. Medical Records, Imaging, Pathology) outside of REGIS and prior to REGIS submission in order to brief them on the project and get their in principle support. Please advise them that they will receive a link from REGIS requesting sign off. We have had instances whereby Heads of Department have received approval requests via REGIS without having any background on the study - this is not acceptable and will delay your approval.  It remains the responsibility of the investigators and coordinators to do this legwork behind the scenes prior to submission.
  • We continue to connect with the REGIS team regularly via webinar and the Research Office staff are attending REGIS training sessions in September/October with full roll out anticipated by the end of Q2 2019.
  • REGIS updates (including updated details of any Blackout Periods) will be made regularly to the Research Community.

Additional information can be found on the REGIS website:

Please feel free to contact the St Vincent’s Hospital Research Office directly with any questions: Email:

Tel: 02 8382 4960