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Rogers JM, Duckwork J, Middleton S, Steenbergen V, Wilson PH. Elements virtual rehabilitation improves motor, cognitive, and functional outcomes in adult stroke: evidence from a randomized controlled pilt study. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilition 2019; 16:56.doi: 10.1186/s12984-019-0531-y

Middleton S, Dale S, Cheung W, Cadilhac D, Grimshaw J, Levi C, McInnes E, Considine J, McElduff P, Gerraty R, Craig L, Schadewaldt V, Fitzgerald M, Quinn C, Cadigan G, Denisenko S, Longworth M, Ward J, D’Este C.  Nurse-initiated acute stroke care in Emergency Departments: Results from the T3 implementation cluster randomised controlled trial.  Stroke 2019. Published online.  Accepted 14 March 2019. DOI: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.118.020701

Cadilhac DA, Grimley R, Kilkenny MF, Andrew NE, Lannin NA, Hill K, Grabsch B, Levi CR, Thrift AG, Faux SG, Wakefield J, Cadigan G, Donnan GA, Middleton S, and Anderson CS. Multicenter, prospective, controlled, before-and-afer, quality improvement study (Stroke 123) of acute stroke care. Stroke 2019. Published online 21 May 2019.

Martinez-Garduno CM, Rodgers J, Phillips R, Gunaratne AW, Drury P, McInnes E. The Surgical Patients' Pressure Injury Incidence (SPPII) study: a cohort study of surgical patients and processes of care. Wound Practice and Research (Accepted April 2019)

Tavender E, Babl FE, Middleton S. A primer for clinical researchers in the emergency department: Part 8. Implementation Science: An introduction. Emergency Medicine Australasia (EMA) Journal 2019. In Press. Accepted 21 March 2019.

Minhas J, Wang X, Lavados P, Moullaali T, Arima H, Billot L, Hackett M, Olavarría V, Middleton S, Pontes-Neto O, de Silva A, Lee T, Pandian J, Mead G, Watkins C, Chalmers J, Anderson C, Robinson T. Head Positioning and Blood Pressure Variability in Acute Stroke: A Post-Hoc Analysis of the HeadPoST Study. Journal of Human Hypertension.

Schadewaldt V, McElduff B, D’Este C, McInnes E, Dale S, Gunaratne A, Squires J, Cadilhac DA, Middleton S. Validating the Alberta Context Tool in a multi-site Australian Emergency Department nurse population. Plos One 2019; 14(4): e0215153.

Craig LE, Middleton S, Hamilton H, Cudlip F, Swatzell V, Alexandrov AV, Lightbody E, Watkins C, Philip S, Cadilhac DA, McInnes E, Dale S, Alexandrov AW. Does the Addition of Non-Approved Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria for rtPA Impact Treatment Rates? Findings in Australia, the UK, and the USA. Interventional Neurology 2019;8(1):1–12.

Cadilhac D, Kilkenny M, Lannin N, Dewey H, Levi C, Hill K, Grabsch B, Grimley R, Blacker D, Thrift A, Middleton S, Anderson C, Donnan G. Outcomes for patients with in-hospital stroke: a multicentre study from the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases 2019; 28(5): 1302-1310.

Middleton S, McElduff P, Drury P, D’Este C, Cadilhac DA, Dale S, Grimshaw J, Ward J, Quinn C, Cheung NW, Levi C. Vital sign monitoring following stroke associated with 90-day independence: a secondary analysis of the QASC cluster randomized trial. International Journal of Nursing Studies 2019; 89: 72-79. In Press. [Epub ahead of print]

Kilkenny M, Kim J, Andrew N, Sundararajan V, Thrift AG, Katzenellenbogen JM, Flack F, Gattellari M, Boyd JH, Anderson P, Lannin N, Sipthorp M, Chen Y, Johnston T, Anderson CS, Middleton S, Donnan GA, Cadilhac DA. Maximising data value and avoiding data waste: a validation study in stroke research. Medical Journal of Australia 2019; 210 (1): 27-31. doi: 10.5694/mja2.12029

Andrew N, Middleton S, Grimley R, Anderson C, Donnan G, Lannin N, Salama E, Grabsch B, Kilkenny M, Squires J, Cadilhac D. Hospital organizational context and delivery of evidence-based stroke care: a cross-sectional study. Implementation Science 2019; 14(6).   



McInnes E, Jammali-Blasi A, Bell-Syer SE, Leung V. Support surfaces for pressure ulcer treatment. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2018; Issue 10. Art. No.: CD009490.doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD009490.pub2

Godecke E, Rai T, Cadilhac DA, Armstrong E, Middleton S, Ciccone N, Whitworth A, Rose ML, Holland A, Ellery F, Hankey GJ, Bernhardt J for the VERSE Collaboration. Statistical analysis plan (SAP) for the Very Early Rehabilitation in Speech (VERSE) after stroke trial: an international 3-arm clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of early, intensive, prescribed, direct aphasia therapy. International Journal of Stroke 2018; 13(8): 863-880.

Lynch E, Ramanathan S, Middleton S, Bernhard J, Nilsson M, Cadilhac DA. A mixed methods study to explore opinions of research translation held by researchers working in a Centre of Research Excellence in Australia. BMJ Open 2018; 8:e022357. [Online publication] doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-022357

Kilkenny M, Lannin N, Levi C, Faux S, Dewey H, Grimley R, Hill K, Grabsch B, Kim J, Hand P, Crosby V, Gardner M, Rois-Gnecco J, Thijs VN, Anderson CS, Donnan G, Middleton S, Cadilhac DA on behalf of the AuSCR Consortium. Weekend hospital discharge is associated with suboptimal care and outcomes: An observational Australian Stroke Clinical Registry study. International Journal of Stroke 2018. 0(0)1–9. [Epub ahead of print] doi: 10.1177/1747493018806165

Malone V, Ezard N, McInnes E, Clifford B, Bonevski B, Middleton S. A systems change intervention for nurse-led smoking cessation care in hospitals.  Collegian 2018; 26(2): 235-241. doi: 10.1016/j.colegn.2018.07.007

Ramanathan S, Reeves P, Deeming S, Berrnhardt J, Nilsson M, Cadilhac DA, Walker R, Carey L, Middleton S, Lynch E, Searles A. Implementing a protocol for a research impact assessment of the Centre for Research Excellence in Stroke Rehabilitation and Brain Recovery. Health Research Policy and Systems 2018; 16(71). In Press.  [Epub ahead of print] doi: 10.1186/s12961-018-0349-2

Rogers JM, Bechara J, Middleton S, Johnstone SJ. Acute EEG patterns associated with transient ischemic attack. Clinical EEG & Neuroscience 2018; 50(3): 196-2014.doi: 10.1177/1550059418790708

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Morgan P, Coleman P, Martinez-Garduno C, Gunaratne A, McInnes E, Middleton S. Implementation of a patient blood management program in an Australian private hospital Orthopaedic Unit. Journal of Blood Medicine 2018; 9: 83-90. doi: 10.2147/jbm.s157571

Muller C, Cheung WA, Dewey H, Churilov L, Middleton S, Thijs V, Ekinci E, Levi C, Lindley R, Donnan GA, Parsons M, Bladin C. Treatment with Exenatide in Acute Ischaemic Stroke (TEXAIS) trial Protocol: a prospective, randomised, open label, blinded end-point study of Exenatide vs. Standard Care in Post Stroke Hyperglycaemia. International Journal of Stroke 2018; 13(8): 857–862.

Alexandrov AW, Palazzo P, Biby S, Doerr A, Dusenbury W, Young R, Lindstrom A, Grove M, Tsivgoulis G, Middleton S, Alexandrov AV. Back to basics: Adherence with guidelines for glucose and temperature control in an American comprehensive stroke center sample. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing 2018; 50(3): 131-137. doi: 10.1097/JNN.0000000000000358

Aminov A, Rogers J, Middleton S, Caeyenberghs K, Wilson PH. What do randomized controlled trials say about virtual rehabilitation in stroke? A systematic literature review and meta-analysis of upper-limb and cognitive outcomes.  Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation 2018; 15:29. doi: 10.1186/s12984-018-0370-2

Haines MM, Brown B, D’Este CA, Yano EM, Craig JC, Middleton S, Castaldi PA, Pollock CA, Needham K, Watt WH, Elliott EJ, Scott A, Dominello A, Klineberg E, Atkinson J, Paul C, Redman S, on behalf of the Clinical Networks Research Group. Improving the quality of healthcare: a cross-sectional study of the features of successful clinical networks. Public Health Research Practice 2018; 28 (4) e28011803.

Kilkenny MF, Lannin NA, Anderson CS, Dewey H, Kim J, Barclay-Moss K, Levi C, Faux S, Hill K, Grabsch B, Middleton S, Thrift A, Grimley R, Donnan G, Cadilhac D. Quality of life is poorer for patients with stroke who require an interpreter: An observational Australian Registry study. Stroke 2018; 49(3): 761-764. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.117.019771

Cadilhac DA, Andrew NE, Kilkenny MF, Hill K, Grabsch B, Lannin NA, Thrift A, Anderson CS, Donnan GA, Middleton S, Grimley R. Improving quality and outcomes of stroke care in hospitals: protocol and statistical analysis plan for the Stroke123 implementation study. International Journal of Stroke 2018; 13(1): 96-106. doi: 10.1177/1747493017730741

Andrew NE, Kim J, Thrift AG, Kilkenny MF, Lannin NA, Anderson CS, Donnan GA, Hill K, Middleton S, Levi C, Faux S, Grimley R, Gange N, Geraghty R, Ermel S, Cadilhac DA.  Prescription of antihypertensive medication at discharge influences survival following stroke. Neurology 2018; 90(9): e745-e753. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000005023

Gardner G, Gardner A, Middleton S, Considine J, Fitzgerald G, Christofis L, Doubrovsky A, Adams M, O’Connell J. Mapping workforce configuration and operational models in Australian Emergency Departments: A national survey. Australian Health Review 2018; 42: 340-347. doi: 10.1071/AH16231



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