Everything you need to know about heart health

27 Jun 2016

Always at the forefront of cardiac knowledge and innovation, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney has launched a new website portal for patients, families and carers touched by the single biggest killer of Australian men and women - heart disease.

The new St Vincent’s Heart Health website at https://svhhearthealth.com.au provides expert comprehensive advice and resources through all stages of heart disease from diagnosis through to treatment, recovery and beyond.

The brainchild of Associate Professor Cameron Holloway, the innovative project came about as a result of the large number of rural patients referred to St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney who were unable to attend cardiac rehab after their surgeries, as well as those who returned to work soon after their treatment. A/Prof Holloway saw a disconnect between the care and attention patients were able to receive in hospital with a lack of resources and information once they returned to their homes at the beginning of their recovery period.

For those who had just been diagnosed, particularly in rural areas, he saw that patients were sometimes uncertain and confused about what may lie ahead. In line with St Vincents’ mission to help the poor and vulnerable, the website is designed to assist patients in areas where it can be difficult to access support, care and answers.

Watch an introductory video to the website below: