Work experience with the Communications team

07 Jul 2016

Year 10 student Elli recently completed three days of work experience at St Vincent’s with the Media and Communications team. Here’s her personal account of what it was like.

DAY 1: Day one as an intern within the St Vincent’s communications department took me, unexpectedly, to the Intensive Care Unit where National Geographic were filming a documentary on a new heart transplant technology. An in-depth look into emerging medical technologies, this documentary series will highlight the frontiers St Vincent’s are crossing in order to improve patient outcomes. 

The new transplant technology coined “heart in a box”, or more technically the Organ Care System (OCS), allows for organs which would have been previously unusable, to be stored and then resuscitated for use. This morning, I was able to join the filming crew as they visited a patient who was recovering from a transplant of a ‘DCD’ or a heart donated after circulatory death, which had been revived with the organ care system. The patient’s nurse and surgeon commented on the impact this idea could have on the amount of available hearts for transplantation.

DAY 2: Sometime late morning, the communications department were called into a staff meeting to discuss the new internal campaign aimed at encouraging employees to communicate and build on teamwork skills. From a framework of a single tagline and image, I had the privilege of watching as they created the campaign strategy in this meeting.

DAY 3: As part of the campaign to encourage staff to communicate better, the communications department set up a photo shoot, filled with a cross-section of employees of different seniorities and fields. The images from the shoot will be made into posters to publicise a message of teamwork and collaboration. Throughout the shoot I got to meet a lot of amazing people who are committed to helping others in their times of need, including doctors, nurses and surgeons.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed my time at St Vincent’s. I learnt about internal communications to staff, and the way the communications department uses media to help publicise the amazing work of all the staff. I am very grateful to the people who took me under their wing and did their best to make my work experience interesting and exciting.