St Vincents Calls for Continued Restraint amid Dramatic Reduction in Alcohol Presentations

St Vincents Calls for Continued Restraint amid Dramatic Reduction in Alcohol Presentations

11 Dec 2014

The heads of key St Vincent’s departments including Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Trauma and Emergency will today discuss the significant impact the lock-out laws in Sydney’s CBD have had on reducing alcohol related presentations to the Hospital.

The St Vincent’s Neurosurgery Department has seen no potentially fatal one punch injuries since the NSW Government’s alcohol Legislation was introduced in March this year. Similarly, the Hospital’s Plastic Surgery Department has seen a dramatic reduction in facial injuries including eye-socket and cheekbone fractures.

The St Vincent’s Hospital Emergency Department, having long been one of the major frontiers in dealing with problem drinking in Sydney, has seen a sizeable decline in overall alcohol presentations. Furthermore, the St Vincent’s Intensive Care Unit - to its knowledge - has had no alcohol related trauma presentations from any of the areas covered by the lock-out laws.

“This year we’re off to a terrific start in reducing alcohol related harms thanks to the new lock-out laws, but with the festive season fast approaching we are keen to keep it this way through sensible behaviour,” said A/Professor Anthony Grabs, Director of Trauma at St Vincent’s.

The St Vincent’s experience is at odds with the Australian College of Emergency Medicine snap-shot study released today which shows the devastating effects alcohol continues to have on emergency departments throughout Australia. “If we can introduce the type of limitations we have in Sydney on a national basis, I have no doubt we will see a major reduction in alcohol harms throughout Australia in keeping with the St Vincent’s experience,” Dr Grabs added.

What: Media Conference featuring surgeons and physicians from St Vincent’s Hospital.

When: 12:00 pm Thursday 11 December 2014

Where: Media to assemble Ambulance Bay, St Vincent’s Hospital

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