Participating in research trials

St Vincent's is looking for volunteers to participate in the following research trials.

Early screening for Lung Cancer

St Vincent’s Hospital doctors are starting a research program using low dose CT scan to detect lung cancer at very early stages.

LiMA Study for the treatment of methamphetamine dependence

Australia has one of the highest rates of methamphetamine dependence in the world. While counselling is effective for many people with less severe dependence, there is no proven medication treatment for severe dependence.

Gout Self-Management

People with gout and GPs who have seen patients with gout in the last year are invited to participate in a cluster randomised controlled trial.

Technology based research for those at risk of experiencing falls

We are searching for people who want to be involved in an innovative pilot study involving the development of a Smartwatch application that will monitor falls in the at-risk population.

Be part of a research program into HIV & the Brain

St Vincent's is currently looking for people living with HIV who may or may not be experiencing problems with their cognition (thinking skills) and are concerned they may have HIV residing in the brain.