Our specialists

Name Surname Address Phone Department
Endocrinology Professor Jerry Greenfield
Radiation Oncology A/Prof Dion Forstner
Lung Transplantation | Thoracic Medicine A/Prof Marshall Plitt
ENT | Otology | Otology, Neuro-otology and Skull Base Surgery | Skull Base Surgery A/Prof Nigel Biggs
ENT | Head and Neck Surgery | Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery A/Prof Richard Gallagher
ENT | Head and Neck Oncology | Thyroid, Parathyroid A/Prof Ron Bova
Cardiac MRI | Cardiology | Heart Transplantation Assoc Prof Andrew Jabbour
Cytopathologist | Surgical Pathologist Assoc Prof Andrew S Field
Cardiology Assoc Prof Cameron Holloway
General Immunology | Immunology | Neuroimmunology Assoc Prof David Alexander Brown
Cardiac Electrophysiology | Cardiology Assoc Prof Dennis Kuchar
Cardiology Assoc Prof Eugene Kotlyar
Endocrinology Assoc Prof Jacqueline Center
Cardiac Imaging | Cardiology | Cardiology and Cardiac Imaging Assoc Prof Jane McCrohon
Emergency Medicine Assoc Prof John Raftos
Gynaecology | Urogynaecology Assoc Prof Joseph Lee
Dermatology | Phlebology | Vascular Anomalies Assoc Prof Kurosh Parsi
Gastroenterology | Gastroenterology and Hepatology Assoc Prof Mark Danta
Cardiology Assoc Prof Neville Sammel
Geriatric Medicine Assoc Prof Nicholas Brennan
Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Assoc Prof Ravi Lee Huilgol
Palliative Medicine Assoc Prof Richard Chye
Immunology | Immunology and Sexual Health Assoc Prof Richard John Hillman
Ophthalmology | Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery Assoc Prof Robert Maxwell Conway
Immunology Assoc Prof William Arthur Sewell
Endocrinology Associate Professor Alexander Viardot
Endocrinology Associate Professor Roger Chen
Rehabilitation | Rehabilitation and pain physician Associate Professor Steven Faux
Urology Benjamin Namdarian
Orthopaedics Brett Gerard Courtenay
Radiation Oncology Cecelia Gzell
Occupational Lung Disease | Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Deborah H Yates
Lung Transplantation | Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Dr Adrian Havryk
Cardiothoracic Surgery | Heart Lung Transplantation | Heart Transplantation | Lung Transplantation Dr Alasdair Watson
Endocrinology Dr Alice Tang
Gastroenterology Dr Alina Stoita
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Andrew Higgs
Endocrinology Dr Andrew John Weissberger
Endocrinology Dr Ann McCormack
Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Dr Anthony Byrne
Breast and Endocrine Surgery | General Surgery | General Surgery, Surgical Oncology | Melanoma and Sarcoma Surgery | Surgical Oncology Dr Anthony James Chambers
Vascular Surgery Dr Antony Robert Graham
Neurosurgery Dr Benjamin Jonker
Anaesthesia Dr Bradley Smith
Urology Dr Carlo Yuen
Anaesthetics Dr Christopher Brian O'Sullivan
Rheumatology Dr Christopher Browne
Head and Neck Surgery Dr Christopher John Hughes
Diseases of the Liver | Gastroenterology Dr Christopher Vickers
Ophthalmology Dr Clare Louise Fraser
Pain Medicine | Rehabilitation | Rehabilitation Medicine Dr Clive Wickham Sun
Addiction Medicine Dr Craig John Rodgers
Endocrinology Dr Daniel Li Tu Chen
Cardiology | Interventional Cardiology | Percutaneous Valve Therapies Dr David A Roy
Thoracic Medicine | Thyroid, Parathyroid | Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Dr David Darley
Urology Dr David Ende
Cardiology | Interventional Cardiology Dr David Wayne Baron
Anaesthesia Dr Deane Harold Bowring
Cardiology | Molecular Cardiology Dr Diane Fatkin
Anaesthetics Dr Drew Heffernan
Plastic | Plastic, reconstructive and maxillofacial surgery Dr Elias Moisidis
Diagnostic Radiology Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Silverstone
Cardiothoracic Surgery | Heart Lung Transplantation | Lung Transplantation Dr Emily Kate Granger
Subspecialty interest in lung cancer | Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Dr Emily Stone
Anaesthetics Dr Emma Elizabeth Anne Bean
Dermatologic Surgery | Dermatology Dr Frances (Francesca) Tefany
HIV | Infectious Diseases | Viral Hepatitus Dr Gail Matthews
Colorectal Surgery Dr Gareth Owen
Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon | Plastic Dr Georgina Kourt
Chemical Pathology Dr Graham Ross Dallas Jones
Anaesthesia Dr Henry (Luke) Arthur Luke Vyvyan
ENT Dr Ian Cole
Emergency Medicine Dr Iromi Samarasinghe
Cardiac Imaging | Cardiology Dr James Otton
Plastic | Reconstructive surgery Dr James Southwell-Keely
Anaesthetics Dr Jane Marie McKenzie
Rehabilitation Dr Jane Wu
Emergency Medicine Dr Jessica Green
Haematology Dr Joanne Emily Joseph
ENT Dr Julia Crawford
Endocrinology Dr Katherine Tonks
Rehabilitation Dr Kathryn Janet Brooke
Blood Stem Cell Transplantation | Clinical and Laboratory Haematology | Haematology Dr Keith Fay
Endocrinology Dr Kiernan Hughes
Rheumatology Dr Laila Girgis
Cytopathology | Anatomical Pathology Dr Lianne Al Lee
Aged Care Psychiatry | Psychiatry Dr Louise Norrie
Rheumatology Dr Malcolm Handel
Neurosurgery Dr Malcolm Pell
Heart Lung Transplantation | Lung Transplantation | Thoracic Medicine Dr Mark Benzimra
Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr Mark Connellan
Emergency Medicine Dr Martin Thomas Duffy
Psychiatry Dr Matthew Cullen
Medical Super Intendent | Psychiatry | Psychiatry and Addiction Dr Michael "Mike" J Atherton
Anaesthesia Dr Michael James King
Anaesthesia Dr Michael Stone
Haematology Dr Nada Hamad
Neurology Dr Neil Simon
Gastroenterology | Ineterventional Endoscopy Dr Nicolas de Luca
Psychiatry Dr Omar Marwat
Anaesthesia Dr Pamela Salerno
Emergency Medicine Dr Paul Preisz
ENT Dr Phillip Chang
Intensive Care Medicine Dr Priya Nair
Medical Oncology Dr Rachel Fitz-Gerald Dear
Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery | Ophthalmology Dr Rajiv Shah
Colorectal Surgery Dr Rohan M Gett
Gastroenterology Dr Santosh Sanagapalli
Psychiatry Dr Sarah Michael
ENT | Neurotology | Otology | Skull Base Surgery Dr Sean Flanagan
Rehabilitation | Rehabilitation Medicine Dr Shari Parker
Intensive Care Medicine Dr Suhel Al-Soufi
Psychiatry Dr Tadeusz (Tad) Konstanty Tietze
Endocrinology Dr Thomas Cromer
Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Timothy (Tim) James Small
Medical Retina and Macula Specialist | Ophthalmic Surgeon Dr Timothy Nolan
Dermatology Dr Vanessa (nee Bock) Paddon
Cardiology Dr Vijay Solanki
General Surgery | Surgical Oncology Dr Warren Scott Hargreaves
Psychiatry Dr Wayne Mason
Endocrinology Dr Weng Leong Sam
Immunology Dr Winnie Tong
Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr Yishay Orr
Rehabilitation Dr Yuriko Watanabe
Anaesthetics Elizabeth Eily O'Hare
Urology Gordon O'Neill
Renal Medicine Grahame Elder
Intensive Care Medicine Hergen Buscher
Radiation Oncology Joanne Toohey
Vascular Medicine Michael McGrath
Psychiatry Olav Nielssen
Vascular Medicine Prof Abdullah Omari
Clinical Immunology and HIV Infection | HIV | Immunology Prof Andrew Carr
Cardiology Prof Anne Keogh
Immunology | Immunopathology Prof Anthony D Kelleher
Gynaecology | Urodynamics | Urogynaecology Prof Bernard T Haylen
Neurology Prof Bruce Brew
Cardiology Prof Christopher Hayward
Radiation Oncology Prof Gerald B. Fogarty
Infectious Diseases Prof Gregory Dore
Psychiatry Prof John Gavin Andrews
Endocrinology Prof Lesley (Veronica) Campbell
Pain Medicine | Rheumatology Prof Milton Cohen
Cardiology Prof Peter Macdonald
Clinical Pharmacology | Rheumatology | Toxicology rheumatology Prof Richard "Ric" Osborne Day
Medical Oncology Prof Richard Epstein
ENT | Otolaryngology and Skull Base Surgery | Skull Base Surgery Prof Richard Harvey
Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology | Immunology | Immunopathology Prof Samuel Norbert Breit
Cardiology Prof Terence "Terry" John Campbell
Cardiothoracic Surgery | Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery Professor David Winlaw
Pathology Professor Deborah JE Marriott
Consultation Liaison Psychiatry | Psychiatry Professor Kathleen (Kay) Anne Wilhelm
Radiation Oncology Raj Jagavkar
Urology Rajdeep (Raji) Singh Kooner
Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Reginald V Lord