Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Jobs - St Vincent's Hospital Sydney

St Vincent’s is looking for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander candidates for a variety of roles across our Darlinghurst Campus and our Parklea Correctional Health facilities.

Working at St Vincent’s is not just for Doctors and Nurses – our mob work in Administration, Management, Aboriginal Health, Counselling, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Transport and many other areas.

Shane Kim

Our values, way of working, policies & programs make us one of the fastest growing places for Aboriginal employment. We are committed to Closing the Gap in employment opportunities for our Nation's First People and providing a culturally safe and appropriate Health Care Service.

We have a dedicated Aboriginal Employment Program Specialist, Shane Kim (pictured). You are always welcome to call us on 0418 387 948 for a yarn about your interests, skills and the current and future jobs available. If you are thinking about changing locations, jobs or careers we can help with career planning, upskilling, changing location or job types. 

To view our current list of all available jobs, please click here