Nursing Education

Nurses at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney spend significant lengths of time with our patients, their family members and carers. Our nurses provide care in a variety of settings, delivering highly specialised nursing care, with a high degree of professionalism.

Ongoing nursing education is essential to ensure that nursing care is up to date, meets best practice standards and the needs and expectations of our patients, the organisation and the wider community.

The Nurse Education and Development Centre plays a crucial role in ensuring nurses at St Vincent’s are supported to continue to develop professionally across their career and gain the new skills, knowledge and expertise needed to deliver world class and current nursing care as practices change and evolve.

We offer a wide variety of educational and supportive initiatives for nurses across all of our specialty areas including:

To view the full list of Nursing workshops, conferences and courses, please click here.

The NEDC works closely with other health professionals to deliver interdisciplinary learning across the Network and has close working relationships with the Nursing Research Institute, the Walter McGrath Library and our university partners. The new Clinical Teaching and Learning Centre is a hub of learning and professional development activity on campus and offers unique opportunities for our nurses to develop their skill and expertise. 

The NEDC Nurse Educators also provide additional educational support to our wards and other clinical areas as needed and are actively involved in hospital wide initiatives to improve standards of care.

The NEDC offers its courses to other (external) nurses. Please see the NEDC Continuing Professional Development Calendar for 2016 for an up to date summary of our educational programs.