Endocrine Society honours Prof Ken Ho

Endocrine Society honours Prof Ken Ho

28 Sep 2021

Congratulations to Professor Ken Ho, St Vincent’s Honorary Endocrinologist and Emeritus Professor at the Garvan Institute, who has been named the recipient of the Outstanding Scholarly Physician Award.  

The Endocrine Society’s prestigious Laureate Awards recognise the achievements of endocrine research across the globe, particularly focussing on meritorious service, leadership and mentorship, innovation, international contributions, public service, translation of science to practice, and lifetime achievement.

A highly esteemed pituitary medicine expert and a leader in academic clinical endocrinology, Prof Ho has developed therapeutic guidelines and advocated for regulatory agency decisions aimed at improving patient outcomes. He established a gold-standard diagnostic test for growth hormone (GH) deficiency and developed standards for use of GH replacement therapy in adults. 

This is a well deserved honour, congratulations!


ken ho

Professor Ken Ho