Farewell, Steve

Farewell, Steve

15 Jan 2021

Following six years of service, Steven Carr, Chief Financial Officer & Director of Corporate Services, will be farewelling St Vincent's to take up the role of Director of Asset Management, Finance and Procurement for Central Coast Local Health District.

During Steve's time with us he has led a number of significant achievements. Most significantly, six years of on-budget or favourable-to-budget throughout a challenging fiscal period. 

Additionally Steve has been committed to development of the Corporate Services directorate consolidating and leading support services such as transport, fleet, ward persons, clinical information, security and shared services and leading the support service functions across the Network.

He  also held the role of CFO for the Trustees of St Vincent’s Hospital and advised on significant investment and purchase decisions for the benefit of our patients. In addition he has also been finance officer for the St Vincent’s Curran Foundation Board of Directors and worked with the Foundation executive on budget planning and investments to future-proof our campus.

We'll be sorry to see him go, and wish him every success.

steve in car

Steve road-testing the new hybrid fleet vehicles to reduce St Vincent's petrol consumption, carbon footprint and improve environmental sustainability.