New study to improve outcomes for heart transplant recipients

New study to improve outcomes for heart transplant recipients

23 Apr 2021

St Vincent’s and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute have partnered to deliver a randomised study exploring the use of a new immunosuppression regimen in heart transplant recipients.

Calcineurin inhibitors (CNIs) or anti-rejection drugs are vital in reducing mortality following heart transplantation, however currently CNIs are linked to the development of a thickening of the heart chamber, causing inefficient pumping, irregular heartbeat and vascular disease.

The study demonstrated that by altering, and ultimately lowering the standard dose of post-transplant medications, a significant reduction in scarring and thickening of the transplanted heart occurred, resulting in a distinct improvement in overall heart function.

 "The study’s data over the first year after transplantation uniquely illuminates the structure and function of a transplanted heart in a way that was not previously available", said A/Prof Andrew Jabbour, St Vincent’s Cardiologist.

Click here to read the study in full.


Andrew Jabbour

A/Prof Andrew Jabbour, Cardiologist