St Vincent’s Transit Lounge opens

St Vincent’s Transit Lounge opens

25 Jun 2021

St Vincent’s Transit Lounge is designed to provide a safe, comfortable environment for patients who are transiting into and out of our Hospital. 

Located at ground floor entry, Xavier Building, the purpose built space will supplement our inpatient capacity to accommodate patients who are ready for discharge, but would otherwise occupy a hospital bed while waiting for medications, discharge summary or any other requirements of a full patient discharge.

Nurse Unit Managers will identify and refer appropriate patients ready for transfer to the Transit Lounge while the Transit Lounge Coordinator makes preparations for personalised continuation of care before, during and after transfer to the Lounge.

Likewise, upon patient admission, patients who are clinically stable are also able to use the space while waiting for an inpatient bed to become available.

Aiming to have 40% of patients discharging via the Transit Lounge by December 2021, the Transit Lounge is a welcome addition, improving effective patient flow as well as the patient experience.

While it serves as a quiet space for patients to wait for final arrangements or transportation home while still being cared for by our dedicated nursing transport lounge staff, it also serves to ensure our patients are receiving the right care, at the right place at the right time.