St Vincent's Clinical Trials Accreditation

St Vincent's Clinical Trials Accreditation

25 Feb 2021

Late last year both the St Vincent’s Hospitals in Sydney and Melbourne underwent assessment against the National Clinical Trials Governance Framework. 

The accreditation was conducted by the Institute of Healthy Communities Australia, on behalf of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, in part to assess the current process of bringing the SVHS and SVHM research arms together to improve the efficacy of research by developing a national focus to research, including areas such as Oncology, Neurology, Infectious Diseases,  Palliative Care, Orthopaedic, Drug & Alcohol, and Prisons.

The assessors scored against 47 criteria, with three possible results :  “initial” “growing” and “established”.

St Vincent’s was awarded the top level (established) for all 14 of the criteria in Standard 2, and achieved top level in 31 out of 33 criteria in Standard 1.

The Executive Summary of the assessment noted “SVHA is to be congratulated on their achievements to date in the integration of their clinical trials function with the operations of the health service and is encouraged to continue with the merging of the research arms for SVHS and SVHM.”

In acknowledging the accreditation results, A/Prof Anthony Schembri, CEO of St Vincent’s Hospital said, “Their assessment goes a long way to illustrating the skillset and maturity of our research endeavours across our Campus, and is a testament to the hard work of our Clinical Trials coordinators, managers, AMR and the Research Directorates at our Sister hospital in Melbourne. I want to especially acknowledge the work of Professors Terry Campbell and Philip Cunningham and Megan Robertson in SVHM plus the trials teams as well as Daena Wilson.” 


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