Nursing Research Institute

The Nursing Research Institute (NRI) is a collaboration between St Vincent's Health Australia Sydney (SVHAS) and the Australian Catholic University (ACU). The Institute undertakes multidisciplinary clinical and health services research focused on patient outcomes and implementing evidence into practice.

The NRI conducts nursing research while promoting evidence based implementation of clinical practices within a robust culture of inquiry and innovation in nursing and patient care. Our team undertakes programs of rigorous collaborative, multi-disciplinary research in line with national health priorities. Our key research areas are:

  • Acute Care
  • Chronic Care
  • Innovative Healthcare Delivery
  • Implementation Research

A major focus of research conducted at the NRI centres on knowledge transfer or implementation research. We are currently conducting projects that examine ways to change clinician behaviour by implementing evidence based interventions to improve patient outcomes.


By bringing together those who ‘think’ about and investigate the professions’ work and those who actually ‘do’ it, a robust culture of inquiry and innovation in nursing and patient care will flourish... Read More


The St Vincent's Health Australia Sydney and ACU Nursing Research Institute is governed by a Steering Committee comprised of the following members..... Read More

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Professor Sandy Middleton
Director, NRI SVHAS and ACU
Associate Professor Elizabeth McInnes
Deputy Director, NRI SVHAS and ACU

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