Volunteering at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney

At St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney (SVHNS), we strive to ensure that our patients and families have the best health care by ensuring that we deliver our mission to each and every person especially to people who are poor or vulnerable.

To help us achieve this, our volunteers are integral part of our service. Volunteers help us to deliver a patient centred care approach within our health care facilities while helping us to align to our values of:

  • Compassion
  • Justice
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

St Vincent’s Health Network comprises of the following health care facilities where volunteers are vital:

  • St Vincent’s Public Hospital Sydney – Darlinghurst
  • Sacred Heart Hospital – Darlinghurst
  • St Joseph’s Hospital - Auburn

How can Volunteers help?

Right now as St Vincent’s implements its Pandemic response to COVID-19, there are additional opportunities for the community to support our endeavours, this includes volunteering. To this end, we are seeking expressions of interest for volunteers from those of you who would like to help us at this time. You may not be a healthcare professional, or maybe you’re studying to be one, or maybe you have other skills to offer, or you just want to volunteer to do your bit if needed.

Volunteers help in many ways by:

  • Serving at our Hospital convenience store, ‘The Little Shop’
  • Providing companionship for our patients
  • Trolley services
  • Hospitality desk services
  • Escorting and assisting patients and visitors
  • Assisting on various wards, including aged care and ICU
  • Administration
  • Biography Services for our palliative care patients
  • Phone Support

Health Care Workers Wishing to Apply

For Medical, Nursing, Allied Health and other roles holding registration please express your interest to NSW Health and please nominate St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst. Your expression will be processed by Randstad who have being nominated by NSW Health to process these expressions on their behalf.

We value you your interest in supporting St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney.

To become a volunteer with St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney, please following the steps below:

Step One – Express your interest to volunteer:

By completing this application, we will register your expression of interest, and if needed, we will match your experience and skills to areas within our hospitals where we are in need of your assistance. To be able to volunteer with us, you will need to meet the guidelines in accordance with NSW Health.

Start your application

Please click the button below to view the requirements to volunteer with us.

Volunteer requirements

Step Two – Upload a copy of your Resume (CV):

Please upload a current copy of your resume:

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Step Three – Required Supporting Documentation:

To ensure that we can consider your expression of interest to volunteer with St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney, we require the following forms pack to be completed and signed. Once completed, please use the button below to upload them to us.

Click on the following form pack to open the required forms:

Upload your completed and signed forms here:

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If you have any questions regarding your application to volunteer with us, or you would like further information about volunteering, please email us at:


Thank you for taking the time to express your interest to volunteer with St Vincent's Health Network Sydney. Hopefully we won’t need to call, and if we do, we may not need every one of you. But knowing you are there, should the need arise,  will make all the difference.

How will my data be used and stored?

By completing this form you consent to your data being used for healthcare recruitment to support the services provided by St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney. The data gathered will be held and distributed for the purposes of recruiting volunteers within our facilities in accordance with NSW Privacy legislation.

All data remains within SVHNS database / cloud storage where high level security platforms are used to securely store sensitive information in accordance with NSW Health Guidelines.