Message from A/CEO Todd McEwan

Dear Colleagues,

This year has seen our health service face some of its greatest challenges, with our COVID-19 response being the main focus of 2020. 

The start of the year saw NSW facing its worst ever bushfire season, quickly followed by the arrival of COVID-19 on our shores and in our hospital. This ongoing and rapidly changing new health landscape has been a learning curve for us all – a once-in-a-lifetime event, and I couldn’t be prouder to share it with my St Vincent’s colleagues. I hope that that you share my sense of pride in all that we have achieved, and I’d like to extend by gratitude for your hard work and contribution throughout this year.

While it’s not over yet, we have been fortunate to take some learnings from this experience that will change the way we work and provide health care to our community going forward, allowing us to embrace our ‘new normal.’

While we navigate this new space, we haven’t forgotten about what’s always been important to us. This edition of STV VOICE, the first digital edition, features some of the projects that exemplify our commitment, pandemic or otherwise, to serving our community.

As Acting CEO, I’m pleased to launch this edition of STV VOICE with something a little light and fun – a brand new recruitment campaign to bolster our COVID testing clinic staff. Please feel free to share it with external colleagues and have them come and join our “Swab Squad”. 

Kind regards,