For Health Professionals

It’s estimated that between 320,000 and 520,000 Australian adults experience moderate to significant problems from their gambling. Those experiencing these issues are at a much greater risk of suicide than the general population. However, gambling is often an issue that stays hidden from family, friends and health professionals for many years.

It’s vital that individuals presenting to health professionals with anxious or depressive symptoms, or drug and alcohol problems, should be screened for problem gambling. In the case of complaints regarding ongoing financial problems, it is also advisable to consider a hidden gambling problem as the cause.

The screen can be as simple as asking, “Have you ever had an issue with gambling?”

Individuals who report any level of problem gambling can be given our contact number (no referral required) or can be referred to the Gambling Helpline (1800 858 858) for other services in their area.

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We may also be able to arrange a structured information session for your service.

Please give us a call on 02 8382 9601 if you are interested in this or have any other questions about problem gambling.