Help for partners, friends and family members

Gambling can have significant effects not only on the individual themselves, but also on all those around them. It can be difficult for partners, family and friends to manage such a situation. Not only do they wish to support the person but they also need to look after themselves, both financially and emotionally.

The Gambling Treatment Program offers free & confidential appointments for partners, friends and family members of individuals with problem gambling.

These sessions provide information about the causes of gambling and the warning signs that suggest someone may be gambling too much.

Information is also provided about how partners, friends and family members can help the person with the problem, set clear boundaries and protect themselves.

Sometimes we get requests to see a couple together. However, the treatment we offer is on an individual basis and the sessions are conducted entirely independently of anyone else seen here.

If you are a partner, friend or family member of a gambler and would like an appointment please call (02) 8382 9601.

It is also recommended that you read the chapter below as well as reading the chapters located on the Our Treatment page.

Download Partners & Family Members chapter.