Staff testimonials

Rory Crowley

Rory Crowley, Clinical Nurse Specialist


"I chose St Vincent’s Drug Health Service for a number of reasons. Their values align with mine, and have worked with Vinnies in Melbourne as well as in Ireland. It has a great reputation for providing excellent care and I wanted to work with some of the leading clinicians in the field. 

I enjoy working closely with a great team that supports each other on a day-to-day basis. Every day brings something new which makes the work interesting and rewarding when you see the positive outcomes for our clients.

Our team makes a huge impact on clients in their journey of recovery. We help them take back their lives and empower them to change and work through areas affected by their alcohol and drug use. I like advocating for people and it makes me feel good about what we do, knowing that we have contributed to their care".  


 Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith, Hospital Consultation Liaison


"St Vincent’s was attractive to me having such a time-honoured reputation for supporting the most vulnerable members of our community.  When I started nursing, I never could have guessed I would love working in drug and alcohol services so much. The Drug Health Service at St Vincent’s has given me the platform to work among experts in our specialty, while feeling valued and respected amidst a shared sense belonging. 

When I came to St Vincent's I knew I had found my tribe, we all share a passion for our work, continuing learning and the amazing, complex and dynamic group of people who come into our care. My colleagues make me smile every day and inspire me to keep showing up as my best self. 

St Vincent's has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other highly specialised services to provide excellence in healthcare, advocacy, education and professional growth. 

I love working at St Vincent's Drug Health Service and look forward to working here for years to come".



Meg Williamson, Telehealth and Innovation Manager


"I chose to apply for a role in St Vincent’s Drug Health Service as I was looking for a unique, client centred role, and I have a keen interest in innovation, digital health and improving access to healthcare.

St Vincent’s has a unique workplace culture that promotes inclusivity and steers away from traditional hierarchical structures. They value everyone’s voices, opinions and experiences.  Staff are friendly, approachable and supportive; always happy to share their expertise and knowledge. They promote a healthy work-life balance and staff engagement. They have lots of educational forums and learning opportunities as well as social events. 

The impact our teams make is indescribable, I have watched first-hand the support and genuine care they have for clients and colleagues.  Compassion is seamlessly woven through daily practice, providing care to those who are the most vulnerable. Clinicians advocate for client safety and promote recovery from addiction in innovative, supportive environments".