Dalarinji: Ours Belonging to Us

The Dalarinji artwork is the visual identity for Aboriginal Health in St Vincent's. You will see our Aboriginal artwork on staff pins, uniforms, on our mobile health clinics, online and around the hospital.




Story behind the painting

The middle dot is the hospital and the dots moving away from the hospital are the healing and health. The individual dots around the outside are indicators of different walks of people and the different types of health professionals, all working together to form a united front for the Indigenous health.

The dotted circles symbolise people gathering, whereas the dots all around the paint represent the network of people. The five outer groups of dots represent the five nuns that started the hospital in 1857. From there the dots move towards the hospital, symbolising the growth of the hospital.

The painting as a whole shows that there are many ways and many people working towards improving the status of health for Indigenous communities throughout.

Painted by Aboriginal artist Lani Balzin.