Connecting with our Mob

Every year all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff are invited to SVHA’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Forum where Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander employers come together from St Vincent's facilities across NSW, Victoria and Queensland.  This annual event allows our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and leaders from across the country to connect and work together to set the agenda for Aboriginal Health and Reconciliation at SVHA. The aim is to empower each and every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employee to achieve their full potential and to work together in the spirit of trust and openness to bring about hope, healing, love, justice and peace in our community. It occurs in a different State each year and all staff travel and accommodation costs are covered.

Throughout the year, we also celebrate many significant events on the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander calendar, and have private internal chat groups to enable staff to engage with each other across facilities and States.