Partnering & Intellectual property

Intellectual Property for Researchers

Intellectual Property (IP) represents the property of your mind or intellect. It can be an invention, original design, or the practical application of an original idea. In science and medicine, IP can include methods of treatment, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, therapies, software or diagnostics.

St Vincent’s Hospital encourages our staff and students to develop ideas and translational research with real world applications. The IP & Commercialisation Officer will assist you turn your research into products increasing the impact and changing healthcare for the better.

If you believe you have developed translational IP through the course of your research please complete and submit one of the disclosure forms from the link below.

If you are unsure if you have developed IP through your research, or would like to learn more about IP and commercialisation please contact our IP & Commercialisation Officer, Emma-Louise Hunsley for support: E: T: 0417 989 346

Resources for Researchers

Partnering with Us

The St Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research (AMR) conducts world class translational research tackling a number of the world’s major health problems.

Currently, we have a number of technologies available for partnering:

 Oncology AML Assay   Novel predictive biomarker to determine AML patient sensitivity to MDM2 inhibitors
 Infectious Disease & Oncology OX40 Assay   T cell response assay able to identify a large number of antigens
 Oncology AML Treatment  Novel microRNA inhibitor in combination with MDM2 inhibitor for the treatment of AML. 
 Cardiology  Ventricular function determination  An algorithm able to determine ventricular function in patients implanted with a ventricular assistance device.
 Cardiology  Heart Pump Outflow
 A novel outflow conduit for ventricular assistance devices.
 Cardiology  Blood Pump Controller  Smart manipulation of continuous flow ventricular assistance devices to support increased activity.


For more information about our available technologies or other commercial opportunities; or for more information about research and collaboration opportunities, please contact our Research Office Manager, Dr Pamela Blaikie at: