REGIS Quick Tips

REGIS 101: Quick Tips to get you started

Submitting a new study via REGIS:

1. The first thing you need to do is create a PID (Project Identification):

  • It is very important that you enter the correct information as this PID cannot be edited. 
  • A site/sites must be nominated at this stage.
  • The CPI and study contact must be clearly identified and contact details provided. 
  • A protocol must be attached to the PID.
  • A HREA cannot be initiated until this step is completed.

2. The Ethics submission and SSA submission (“child” files) sit under this PID (parent file)

3. Do not label documents to be uploaded with version and date. While this can be done in the body of the document, the files must not be labelled with a date and version number

For example, please use “Protocol” or “Study Protocol”

Do Not use “Protocol, V1” or “Protocol, V1 dated 13.12.18”

4. St Vincent’s Hospital including Sacred Heart Hospice and St Joseph’s Hospital come under SVHN (St Vincent’s Health Network).  Note that separate SSAs are required for St Vincent’s Hospital and St Joseph’s Hospital