Research complaints

Complaints may be made about the conduct of authorised research activities by participants, researchers, staff or others.

Complaints may be related to any of the following:

  • breaches of privacy/confidentiality
  • misappropriation / falsifying data / dubious authorship / plagiarism / misrepresentation
  • careless or inappropriate collection, analysis, use or disclosure of information
  • conflicts of interest
  • coercion / failure to appropriately obtain participant consent
  • departures from good research practice
  • other

There are a number of ways a complaint may be communicated to the Research Office.

An informal complaint is a verbal expression of dissatisfaction that can be dealt with promptly and to the complainant’s satisfaction at the time the complaint is made. Informal incidents do not need to be reported.

formal complaint includes all written complaints and any verbal reports or complaints that cannot be dealt with as informal incidents. Formal incidents are recorded by the Research Office on behalf of the Human Research Ethics Committee or Research Governance Officer and are managed according to the procedure outlined by St Vincent’s Hospital and NSW Health Polices and Guidelines (GL2010_014 (EO 014), GL2010_015 (RGO 013) and PD2006_073)

When a complaint is received by the Office, it is directed as appropriate to either the HREC Executive Officer or Research Governance Officer for management.   In order to allow the Office to respond to complaints, we ask that complainants leave their name and contact details. This information is treated confidentially. 

Complaints will be responded to within 24 hours during weekdays. The complainant will be notified of the outcome of the investigation relating to their complaint.

Formal complaints can be directed to the Research Office in writing, via email or phone, either in person or through a representative:

Research Office 
St Vincent’s Hospital Translational Research Centre

97-105 Boundary Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Tel:  02 8382 4960