Mission Office

At the heart of our Hospital is the St Vincent’s Mission. Supporting our Mission and Values is the St Vincent’s Mission office, Pastoral Care, Chaplaincy and Volunteers service. These services are only one small part of the way Mission underpins the services and care provided to patients

As part of the larger ministry of Catholic health care in Australia, our commitment to holistic care is grounded in the Gospel and motivated by the values of charity, care and compassion. These values are central to how St Vincent’s responds to the needs of the sick and marginalised in our community.

The Mission Office

The Mission Office at St Vincent’s works closely with the national office of St Vincent's Health Australia to ensure that Mission is integrated into governance, leadership, management, care delivery and research. It takes particular responsibility for the development of staff and contributes to programs such as orientation, mandatory training, leadership development, staff retreat programs, liturgy, Feast Days and service recognition.