Planning ahead: people share their stories

Below are two short videos where people share their stories about the potential benefits of advance care planning.

Nan's Story

St Vincent’s thanks Nan Bosler for sharing her story and NSW Trustee & Guardian for permission to display this video. 

© – Copyright – State of NSW through NSW Trustee & Guardian. For current information go to


Taking Care of Dying Time...

Chris Thorne, featured in the video, is the Aboriginal Community Support Worker for Central Hume in north east Victoria. Chris Thorne made this video because he had a lived experience of someone who he loved who did not have an Advance Care Plan. St Vincent’s thanks Chris Thorne for sharing his story and the Central Hume Primary Care Partnership for permission to link to this video. The video was made with information links applicable to Victoria. If you are resident in NSW we recommend that, rather than seeking information from the links on the last screen of this short video, you go to our local St Vincent's resource page were you will find NSW specific resources. This video has been made available with permission from the Central Hume Primary Care Partnership. © – Copyright – the Central Hume Primary Care Partnership 2016 , for more information