Prayer Facilities

St Vincent's Hospital Chapels

Father Darryl Mackie from SVHA Web on Vimeo.

St Vincent's Hospital and Sacred Heart and have 3 chapels for staff and patients to visit for some quiet time, prayer and to celebrate the Eucharist.

The Xavier Chapel is located to the right of the Xavier foyer (the main entrance) of the Hospital and was designed to be used for worship by people of the many faiths and traditions who visit the Hospital. It has a modern feel and is consistent with the Sisters of Charity tradition to provide holistic health care.

The Garden Chapel is located within the grounds of Sacred Heart and was blessed and opened in 1899. This peaceful Chapel is open for services and, in certain circumstances, is available for funerals and other services. The Garden Chapel accommodates approximately 70 people.

Sacred Heart Chapel is located just on the right of the Sacred Heart Health Service building foyer and it is designed for reflection, prayer services and celebration of the Eucharist.

Eucharistic Celebrations or Communion Services

Monday: The Garden Chapel at 12.30pm

Tuesday: Sacred Heart Chapel at 12.30pm

Wednesday: The Garden Chapel at 12.30pm

Thursday: The Garden Chapel at 12.30pm

Friday: The Xavier Chapel at 12.30pm

Saturday: Sacred Heart Chapel at 10.30am

Sunday: Sacred Heart Chapel at 11am

On the last Thursday of each month a Memorial mass is offered in the Garden Chapel for all - patients and staff - who have passed away during the month.

Chaplains from various faith traditions and denominational chaplains regularly visit our hospitals. These chaplains are officially endorsed by St Vincent's Health Australia and are considered integral to the work of the Pastoral Care Team. Visits can be arranged by contacting your pastoral carer.

Our Denominational Chaplains
Fr Darryl Mackie Catholic Chaplain (Monday - Tuesday)
Fr Dominic Nguyen Catholic Chaplain (Wednesday - Sunday)
Mamie Long Anglican Chaplain
Joseph Park Presbyterian Chaplain

If you wish to see a Chaplain, Pastoral Care team member or a minister or spiritual leader from your tradition please enquire with the nursing staff who are caring for you.