Pastoral care

For many patients, coming to hospital can lead to a feeling of vulnerability and uncertainty. This is not only reflected in their physical body but also in the emotional and spiritual condition which accompanies the experience of illness, pain and loss.

As an integral part of our health care team, Pastoral Care offers a unique service that recognises the specific cultural, contextual, physical, emotional, spiritual and religious needs of each patient and their families and friends.

Our Pastoral Care team accompany patients, their families, friends and St Vincent’s staff as they articulate their needs and concerns. Our team responds to patients when faced with immediate challenges and assist those in need to find and draw upon their own emotional resources.

Chaplaincy services are integral to the care and ministry provided by St Vincent’s. Catholic Chaplains are provided at St Vincent’s in addition to visiting multi-denominational support and Anglican, Jewish and Methodist chaplains are also on staff at St Vincent’s.