Food and Nutrition Services

Nutrition is an important part of your health care at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and our food services provide you with nutritious and tasty meals to aid your recovery. 

Help at meal times

Please let your nurse know if you require assistance to:

  • Eat your meals or drink fluids
  • Open food packages
  • Get ready for your meal i.e. sit up or get out of bed

Our menu

Illness places extra demands on the body and eating well is essential to assist in your recovery. Our menu has been specifically designed to provide you with a variety of balanced meals to satisfy your appetite and meet your nutritional requirements. All meals are cooked fresh every day by qualified chefs using the highest quality ingredients.

Please notify your nurse, dietitian or nutrition assistant if you have any special dietary requirements.

Special diets

Depending on your condition while in hospital you may need to go onto a special diet, with foods that are different in texture and taste to what you are used to having at home. Please let staff know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your special diet. On occasion during your stay, your diet order may need to be changed for medical reasons. This may mean that the meal you ordered is no longer suitable for you. In this instance a more suitable meal will be provided.

Our meal service

Times vary slightly from ward to ward, but generally meals are served between the following times:

Meal Time
Breakfast 6:40-7.30 am
Lunch 11.40-12.30 pm
Dinner 4.40-5:30 pm

How do I order my meals?

We have a team of nutrition assistants who are trained to assist you daily with your menu selections. Your family or carer may make choices for you. If you are unable to order, a suitable choice will be made for you.

Bringing in food 

St Vincent's is committed to providing a high standard of meals, which are safe, meet nutritional standards and are compliant with legislative requirements. Please click here for our guidelines on bringing in food and drinks for patients.