Preparing for hospital

During your stay with us you will receive the highest quality care available from our dedicated and compassionate staff. St Vincent’s Hospital is proud to be one of the nation’s oldest and leading hospitals. We are confident that each and every patient treated at St Vincent’s Hospital will benefit from our professionalism and expertise.


If your doctor has booked you in for a procedure at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney you may be wondering what happens next and when. Read more

What to bring

Reviewing a checklist of what to bring to hospital can help ensure you have everything you need to keep you comfortable while staying with us. Read more


You must give your consent (permission) before we do any treatments, surgeries or procedures, or give you anaesthetic.

Before you give your consent, you should be confident that your doctor has explained what will happen, its possible effect on you, your expected recovery time and your follow-up care. Please ensure that you have had this discussion with your doctor prior to signing the consent form.

If you don't understand something you can ask any questions before you sign the consent form.

We might also ask you to sign a consent form for transfusion of blood or blood products. We will explain why you might need this and will discuss options that relate to your current medical condition. You can also ask to sign a limited blood consent form.

If you are not fluent in English or if you are deaf we need to use a professional interpreter to make sure you understand the consent.
If an interpreter is needed, St Vincent’s will arrange a free, confidential and professional interpreter on your behalf.