Sleep Better at St Vincent's

Sleep is important for recovery. We know that it can be hard to sleep in hospital, so we have compiled a range of resources from relaxation experts (including Calm and Headspace) to help you sleep better in hospital. 

Reminder: to reduce hospital noise, please use headphones when you are listening to these videos.

Whether you prefer the gentle sounds of rain, music for relaxation, or guided meditation, there’s something for everyone to fall asleep to. 

HUSH… and Help Us Support Healing.


9 Tips to Sleep Better in Hospital (2 minutes)



Relaxing Breathing (3 minutes)

Did you know that extending your exhales so that they are a little longer than your inhales can help you relax? Try this for 3 minutes.



“Doze” Music for Deep Sleep by Headspace (45 mins)

Ease into a restful night’s sleep with these deep, ambient sounds from Headspace. Relax your body, calm your mind, and drift off. Sweet dreams!




“Rainstorm sounds” by Calm (8 hours)

Relax with the calming sounds of rain.




Sleep Stories by Calm (30 mins)

Developed by Calm, Sleep Stories are bedtime stories for grown-ups. These sleep-inducing tales mix soothing words, music, and sound-effects to help you wind down and drift off to dreamland…


Progressive Muscle Relaxation by This Way Up (3 mins)

This activity will help to soften the muscle tension that anxiety and stress can cause. In 3 minutes, you can relax your whole body and get ready for sleep.




Guided relaxation and Mindfulness (30 minutes) by the Mater Hospital

These two videos, Mindful Relaxation and The Stillness Within Relaxation, can help to enhance sleep. Created by St Vincent’s Mater Hospital these meditations can help to alleviate emotional and physical pain.







For more information

Sleep Health Foundation: Towards better sleep while in hospital (information sheet)


The HUSH Project – Research and evaluation

Your feedback is important to us. While you are in hospital, you may receive a survey about the quality of your sleep. This information will help us to evaluate The HUSH Project, which has been developed in conjunction with Sleep Health Foundation and University of New South Wales (UNSW). For more information about research for The HUSH Project, please click here.