An ATM is located in the main entry of the public hospital for use by patients, visitors, staff and the general public. 


Whether you are a patient of ours or visiting a loved one, you are welcome to Bite’s Café... Read More

Gift Shops

St Vincent’s Hospital "Little Shop" is a small retail outlet situated inside the main entrance where you can purchase confectionary, drinks, newspapers, magazines, books, greeting cards, toiletries and some gift lines. 


The St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney Pharmacy Department provides a complete pharmacy service... Read More

Prayer facilities

St Vincent's Hospital and Sacred Heart and have 3 chapels for staff and patients to visit... Read More

External Support for Rural Patients

The Friendly Faces Helping Hands website connects rural patients, their carers and families with practical information and support when hospitalisation is required a long way from home, kin and country. Go to for more.