Preventing falls

Staying safe while you are in hospital

Our staff are committed to keeping you safe during your time in hospital. One of the main ways you can help to stay safe is to be aware of your changing environment and conscious of your surroundings to avoid falling. Please be aware that:

  • Your hospital room has a different layout to your bedroom at home.
  • You may have an increased urgency to use the bathroom.
  • Your medicines could lead to dizziness and loss of balance.
  • You may be wearing poorly fitting shoes or slippers.

What can staff do to help reduce your risk of a fall?

Staff will screen and assess your risk of falling on admission and this information will help develop your care plan. Your care plan will then be used to liaise with falls prevention specialists including nurse consultants, physiotherapists and occupational therapists who will assist with your fall prevention. Doctors will review your medicines with this care plan in mind.

What can you do to help reduce the risk of a fall?

  • Bring into hospital any equipment you normally use such as walking aids, spectacles, well-fitting shoes, or non-slip socks and use them.
  • Familiarise yourself with your room, its furniture and bathroom. Be aware of hazards that may cause a fall such as spills and clutter and advise staff of any challenges you think you may face.
  • Don’t walk in socks or surgical stockings without non-slip soles.
  • Always use the call bell if you require assistance and wait for staff to attend to you.
  • Take your time when getting up after sitting or lying down. If you feel unwell or unsteady on your feet, call for assistance.
  • Sit down in the shower and use the hand rails at all times.
  • At night, turn on the light before getting out of bed and turn on the light in the bathroom.

What should you do if you fall?

If you do fall wait for help and don’t get up on your own.

Staff will determine why you fell and help to reduce the risk of you falling again. In consultation with you and your family/carer a change to your care plan may be necessary.

Below is the falls prevention program for more information