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The Doers: A Surgical History of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, 1857-2007

The Doers: A Surgical History of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, 1857-2007 is a 2018 book by Dr Maxwell Coleman detailing the colourful and rich history and evolution of surgery performed at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. St Vincent’s has been blessed with thinkers and doers of exceptional ability, generosity and dedication. Dr Coleman, himself a surgeon for thirty years at St Vincent’s, has memorialised medical staff in the volume, giving details of their extensive studies, skills and services. Dr Coleman is eminently fitted by experience, and also by a capacity for meticulous, painstaking research, to do justice to all who for 150 years strove to give those they served the very best of care. The way Dr Coleman charts changes in every aspect of surgery is equally thorough, with developments in anaesthetics, equipment, and techniques all marching on together.

The book can be purchased at the Little Shop in the foyer of St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, the Clinic shop for $75 inc. GST, or via this link for $90, inc. GST, packaging and postage.

The Walter McGrath Library is the main library servicing St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. Our collection and resources support the general and specialist services provided on the Hospital campus.

The Walter McGrath Library is not open to the public. Please contact your local public library if you require medical or health information.

Research databases and eJournal content

Walter McGrath Library provides access to a number of research databases for staff of St Vincent’s Hospital, that can be used on or off campus. If you are an employee you can sign up for MyAthens account via the library intranet site to gain access to our specialised ejournals and databases. Login here to access your MyAthens portal.

Clinical Information Access Portal (CIAP)

CIAP provides access to clinical information and resources to support evidence-based practice at the point of care. CIAP is available to all staff working in the NSW public health system. Mobile device and offsite access is available. Users must register via the CIAP site, on a hospital PC.

Library catalogue

Walter McGrath Library holdings can be found on the Shared Local Health Districts & St Vincent’s Catalogue.


All services offered are for employees of St Vincent’s Hospital only.
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