ADAPT is an ongoing observational cohort study following people post COVID-19 infection. The Study aims to characterise several outcomes over at least one year of follow up to understand how people’s bodies respond to the SARS CoV2 virus. 

ADAPT collects details on people’s symptoms at regular intervals after infection. The Study also collects data on their respiratory and neurological function, and on their mental health and wellbeing. Blood tests are taken to measure the immune response, both in terms of antibodies and more complicated tests of immunological function. These will help us understand whether having COVID-19 provides any protection from SARS CoV2 reinfection and inform vaccine development. 

The study is being carried out by investigators at St Vincent’s Hospital and is enrolling any patients diagnosed with COVID-19 through the St Vincent’s clinical service and testing clinics. Patients diagnosed at other locations may also be eligible to enrol. 

Lead investigators: Dr David Darley and A/Prof Gail Matthews

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