Further learning

St Vincent’s has a long-standing commitment to education and professional development with focus on developing skills and capability. We have an extensive range of programs available across the year for staff to further their clinical and professional development.

These range from in-services and workshops to postgraduate studies. Further details can be found here.

Study Days

There are two mandatory Transition Program study days held during the year. The Transition Programs will also facilitate attendance to a variety of other essential workshops. 

The first study day has a strong focus on clinical skills and patient management. It is a hands on session, utilising our Simulation Centre and dedicated team.

The second study day, held in your second rotation, focuses on career planning and professional development. Our Nurse Educators will break down life after the Transition Program and help you in achieving your long term goals. 

Study days are a great opportunity to catch up and debrief with fellow Graduates.

You are welcome to join any of our other study days, courses or programs within the hospital or enroll in a professional development activity offered externally. Prior to enrolling you will need to discuss your request to attend a study day with your NUM.

Continuing Professional Development

Each week there are in-services held for Transition Program Nurses during dedicated and protected teaching time. This includes monthly reflective practice sessions which are facilitated by a range of clinicians.

Transition program CPD sessions are a great chance to catch up with other nurses in the Transition Programs from across the hospital

Nursing Open Forum

Nursing Open Forums are routinely held across the organisation. They provide a chance for Nurses to stay up to date with what is happening in nursing and the organisation. 

Each Forum is an opportunity to hear what is happening in different areas across the hospital as well as speak to our Nursing Leadership Team.