Pathways to Practice Program

Recruitment for September 2024 is now open!

Please apply via the below link: 

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The Pathways to Practice Program (PPP) offers Registered and Enrolled Nurses an opportunity for facilitated return to acute care after a short break or transition from sub-acute to an acute Hospital environment.

This exciting initiative is unique to St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and its main aim is to allow participants to develop professionally in a supportive environment whilst learning new skills and developing clinical excellence across all domains of contemporary and ethical nursing practice.

The St Vincent’s Hospital Pathways to Practice Program offers:

  • A comprehensive hospital nursing and program orientation program
  • Extended clinical area induction and supernumerary time
  • Weekly Continuing Professional Development sessions
  • Monthly peer support sessions with the Transition Program Nurse Educator
  • Two full day paid study days
  • Rotation in two clinical areas
  • Education and support from a dedicated full-time Nurse Educator
  • Clinical Nurse Educators in each clinical area
  • After hours Clinical Nurse Educators to provide education and guidance on evening shifts and the weekend
  • Preceptorship
  • Frequent ward/unit based education
  • Access to courses and skills development workshops facilitated by the Nurse Education and Development Centre
  • Guidance with career planning and ongoing employment and education opportunities towards completion of the program

This program will offer the opportunity to become a valued member of the St Vincent’s Health Sydney nursing team on a 12 month full-time contract.

We routine recruit for a start in our March or September intakes. To be placed on our PPP recruitment mailing list please send an e-mail stating your current level of experience, with your e-mail address and telephone number.  Please do not submit resumes or application documents. You will be sent a reminder when recruitment commences.

For more information please contact the Pathways to Practice Program Nurse Educator

Tel: (02) 8382 2602