Enrolled Nurse Transition Program

Enrolled Nurse Transition Program

The Enrolled Nurse Transition Program (ENTP) is a 12 month program that aims to support and encourage newly graduated Enrolled Nurses in reaching their professional potential by developing skilled practitioners enabled to deliver excellent patient care. Within this 12 month program Nurses are supported and empowered to provide safe, efficient and effective nursing in what is their foundational, first year of practice.

St Vincent’s Health Network, across Sydney & Auburn, is firmly committed to the delivery of innovative and evidence-based practice in a supportive learning environment. We are also passionate about providing a positive, challenging, enjoyable and inspiring workplace that has a lot to offer.

The ENTP is suitable for Enrolled Nurses (EN) who have recently completed their Diploma of Nursing or are currently studying Enrolled Nursing and are looking for career opportunities and traineeships. This program aligns with the Diploma of Nursing Studies providing clinical rotations to further develop and consolidate your skills and knowledge. At the end of 12 months you will graduate with confidence in your clinical nursing skills and be ready to launch yourself forward into your Enrolled Nursing career.

The St Vincent’s Health Network Enrolled Nurse Transition Program offers:

  • A comprehensive hospital, nursing and transition program orientation program
  • Extended ward orientation and supernumerary time
  • Weekly Continuing Professional Development sessions
  • Monthly Clinical Supervision/Debrief sessions with the Transition Program Nurse Educator
  • Minimum of three full day study days (paid), with opportunities for more
  • Rotation in two clinical areas at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and/or St Joseph’s Hospital Auburn
  • Education and support from a dedicated full-time Nurse Educator
  • Clinical Nurse Educators in each area
  • After hours Clinical Nurse Educators provide education and guidance on evening shifts and the weekend.
  • Preceptorship Model
  • Frequent ward/unit based education
  • Access to courses and skills development workshops facilitated by the Nursing Education & Development Centre (paid)
  • Staff wellness opportunities such as fitness passport, meditation, Salary packaging and more
  • Support and assistance with career planning
  • Streamlined recruitment post program offering high retention rates
  • Post program educational and career development opportunities

There are two intakes throughout the year:

  • March
  • September

The ENTP offers participants a 12 month contract working a full-time rotating roster after the initial orientation and induction period. For more information, click here.

The next intake will occur in March 2021. Recruitment for this intake will begin December 2020.

St Vincent’s Health Network Transition Program Open Night

Due to social distancing requirements the St Vincent’s Health network Transition Program Open Night has been cancelled. If you have any specific questions regarding St Vincent’s or the Transition Program, please email us. 

For more information or to be placed on our mailing list please contact the Enrolled Nurse Transition Program Nurse Educator

 Tel: (02) 8382 2602

 Email: svhs.transitionprograms@svha.org.au