About the Program

The RNTP Program is offered at St Vincent's Correctional Health, Parklea and St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst. The Program is offered part time at 0.8FT (32 hours per week) over 12 months. We offer over 70 positions in the RNTP each year, across 4 intakes, commencing February, March, April and August. All intakes are recruited at the same time through NSW Health GradStart. 

The program offers two clinical rotations in differing areas. Allocation to an intake to commence in, is based on each applicants' clinical rotation preferences and their completion date of university studies. Click here to learn about the rotations we offer.

Study Days and further education

In the first week you will be provided with a comprehensive orientation program before starting in your allocated clinical area. Throughout the RNTP there are 2 paid study days which look at clinical skills, simulation, hands-on training and career development.

Each week there are in-services held for Transition Program Nurses during dedicated and protected teaching time, including monthly peer support sessions. Additionally, ongoing support from ward preceptors will be available in addition to graduate support from a range of clinicians both in and after regular hours. Access to courses and skills development workshops facilitated by the Nursing Education & Development Centre is available to all candidates, able to be taken as paid study days. The Program also offers support and assistance with career planning and career pathways.

In addition, all staff have access to wellness opportunities such as fitness passport, meditation, Salary packaging and more.

Following successful completion of the RNTP there is a streamlined recruitment program that offers high retention rates. There are also post Program education and career development opportunities offered within the Hospital. 

For further information contact the RNTP Nurse Educator on (02) 8382 2363 or at svhs.transitionprograms@svha.org.au 

Click here for more information on how to apply.